Monday, June 18, 2007

US Open: Cabrera wins, but Furyk pays me in size

I usually leave trading contracts as an individual exercise to my knowledgable readers (especially because we have such differing styles of trading and preferences for risk), but want to talk a little about the US.OPEN contracts to boost potential interest. Before tournament started, I got long WOODS, MICKELSON, ELS, FURYK, SCOTT, and FIELD.
On Thursday, I was able to take a little profit on Woods, Furyk, and FIELD.

On Friday, Mickelson & Scott missed the cut, so I ended up down.

On Sunday, though, I was able to sell my Furyk all the way up to 34, ending up with just 1 FURYK and 1 ELS which each expired at zero.
I am usually able to make a little profit on each of the majors with a similar approach, i.e. buying several of the favorites plus FIELD, and taking profits when possible. The British Open is coming up in 4 weeks. Come and join in the fun if you know a bit about the players and a bit about managing risk!

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