Sunday, April 29, 2007

Is Randy Moss the tipping point?

The Patriots pretty much took this draft off, looking to build from next year's draft (or later ones). But once they were able to pick up Randy Moss, disgruntled to be in silver & black, the Patriots' 2008 Superbowl contract popped.

(Yes, I am long a few, and was able to take some profit on this move).

UPDATE: Considering Deion Branch is costing the Seahawks $8 mil this year (and $22 mil in the first 3 years of his $38 mil contract), having Randy Moss for $3-5 mil for just this season looks much nicer. That means the Patriots have $12 mil in cap space that they can allocate this season and next, plus the perceived upgrade from Branch to Moss this season. Win now, plus win next season.

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