Saturday, October 21, 2006

NFL - Total Of the Year. Oct 22

This total is posted by DommyLocks at the Forum

Arizona/Oakland: Both teams are looking to score, Arizona came off a good game against Chicago, and need I not say more, that they WANT TO SCORE. Oakland is still looking for their win, so they do want to put more points on the board. They've been putting enough points on the board, but figured that they need more to win this game. I just want to appologize that I posted this game up late, and suppose to put this game before Friday night, so you might get a bad total on this play. I took this play at the total of 40. Dommy said it should be goot till 42. So, he said to take the OVER on 40.

TOY: arizona/oakland OVER 40
Pregame is 2-0 posted on CAV's blog on GOYS/TOYS.....remember this is the first TOY posted on here. Need I remind you that DommyLocks lost his first TOY on pregame. This lost is VERY VERY important. Because he lost the last TOY (which I didn't post because I didn't like) Dom's rate should be more than 70%. If he lost his first TOY, that means his next toy should be more thand 75 to 80%. As everyone already knows it, I RARELY RARELY post GOYS/TOYS so be sure to hop on this game.

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