Monday, September 29, 2008

House of Representatives votes against credit rescue plan

207 yeas to 226 nays.

One theory about this surprising outcome is that Speaker Nancy Pelosi lost some Republican votes, after her partisan attack speech today. Democrats voted 141-94 in favor; GOP voted 66-132 against.

Maybe we need to see a couple of million jobs disappear first, before Congress will pull the other way. To paraphrase Churchill, democracy is really ugly, but still the prettiest girl at the dance of governing systems.

Large corporations and small businesses require credit flow to make payrolls. No credit, no payrolls.

UPDATE: Vote remains open with consent of both leaders. There may be a swing of 20 or so votes at one time, after another round of negotiation.

UPDATE: No additional voting today. Minority Leader Boehner says Pelosi "poisoned my conference". I guess Pelosi is not interested in bipartisanship. Perhaps she should be moved aside.

UPDATE: Barney Frank promises to "talk uncharacteristically nicely" to 12 GOP representatives who were hurt by Pelosi's attack, in order to put the country ahead of their feelings.

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