Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Don Surber's Presidential Backtest

here. A few samples:

1. George Washington. Old warrior. McCain.

2. John Adams. Thin-skinned. Alien and Sedition Act. Obama.

3. Thomas Jefferson. Had children with a black woman. Obama.

4. James Madison. Short, married to a hot woman. McCain.

5. James Monroe. The Monroe Doctrine. McCain.

6. John Quincy Adams. The best ex-president ever. Obama by default because McCain won’t have as long an ex-presidency.

10. John Tyler. His Accidency. First veep to finish the term. Annexed Texas. Obama would be more likely to give Texas back. McCain.

11. James Polk. Best one term president we had. Gave so much to the nation that he died of exhaustion 3 months after leaving the White House. McCain.

12. Zachary Taylor. Mmm, cherries. Awk, dead. Who is more likely to die in office? McCain.

19. Rutherford B. Hayes. Wife, Lemonade Lucy, banned alcohol from the White House. Definitely not Cindy. Obama.

26. Teddy Roosevelt. Bully! Conservatives didn’t like him. McCain loves him. Conservatives still don’t like him. McCain.

27. William Howard Taft. Later became a Supreme Court justice to make up for a poor presidency. Obama.

30. Calvin Coolidge. Favorite president of both Ronald Reagan and Abbie Hoffman. The reason? He took naps in the afternoon. McCain.

41. George Bush. Gulf War. Dan Quayle. Stumped by a grocery scanner. McCain.

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