Friday, November 19, 2010

Quotes of the day

For the moment we will leave aside the supreme irony that a tenured professor—i.e. a teacher who has been granted a monopoly on his or her area of expertise within a specific institution—hereby seeks to define the current leaders among the extremely competitive meritocracy otherwise known as Silicon Valley as “New Monopolists,” ...--Jeff Matthews

It’s a lot easier to go public than be public.--Frank Quattrone

How bad can things get for munis? Very, very bad. During the 1873 Depression more than 24 percent of the outstanding municipal debt defaulted.--John Carney

When it comes to warmth, negative behaviors are weighted more heavily. If you act like a jerk once, it’s very hard to redeem yourself, because the intuition people have is that you can’t accidentally be a jerk but you can fake being nice. On competence, it’s flipped. Positive competence is weighted more heavily. People reason that you can’t accidentally get a high SAT score, so it’s okay if you can’t sail a boat.--Amy Cuddy

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