Friday, February 06, 2009

Quotes of the day

People in Ward Three (in Washington, DC) have nationalized extravagance and privatized Puritanism. Under their rule, the federal government is permitted to throw hundreds of billions of dollars around on a misguided bank bailout, but if a banker like John Thain spends $1,500 on a wastepaper basket then all hell breaks loose.--David Brooks

First you get the guy who was going to be in charge of business allegedly involved in funny business with a company that has done business in New Mexico. Then the guy who is in charge of taxes forgetting to pay his taxes. Then the woman in charge of scrubbing the federal budget apparently not scrubbing her own taxes. And now the guy who was supposed to drive health care is done because he didn’t pay taxes for his driver.--Mark McKinnon

If you're a Democrat and The New York Times is calling for your head, you know it's time for an exit strategy.--Mark McKinnon

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